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Paper offerings is a traditional Chinese tradition art and hand-made technology,
it has nearly two thousand years.

Paper offerings in the private funeral or works of art in the festival also represents the use of Confucian concepts of filial piety, ethics (the doctrine of Confucius), and Buddhism in China.

In addition to the funeral of the Confucian emphasis on filial piety,
people pin their hopes and faith on the next life and another world.

Since a person may not live such a good life when living,
they hope that this paper offerings to provide to their love ones a better life.
Thus, not only to comfort the hearts of their loved ones,
but also mourn the dead, heal the pain and both their suffering.

The Western world for the Chinese are so full of love and miss the blessing,
has been thought that is a kind of superstition, in fact,
skea's paper offerings through new technology and modern culture to a new interpretation of the world.

Just as the Western world which each important holiday, for example, on our beloved's birthday,
we will send birthday cards and birthday gifts,
when it comes to Christmas, a Christmas gifts to each other is indispensable because of love.

Because we are deeply care about a person, hope he can live better,
when he left us to heaven, our sadness and nostalgia is no longer can not be delivered,
but also the process through the performance of paper offerings,
sending gifts to heaven is the most sincere regards.

The Netherlands has a pair of customers made paper shoes put into the coffin,
together with their relatives for cremation.

In Nagasaki, Japan,
a ninety years old farmer has ordered an orange tree in the garden with a house.
The paper offerings of skea process in addition to Taiwan, mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan,

also be delivered to New York ,Los Angeles and so on.

Our customers not only believe in Buddhism and Taoism,
there are nearly 20 percent of Christians and Catholics.

Love could be regardless of language barriers no matter what kind of religious beliefs in the worldwide.